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How to Become a QA Automation Tester

Just please keep in mind that $65K-$100K salaries are typically found in the US and Canada only. Please research what’s the expected salary in your region.

Start your QA testing career preparation with Learn to Program Quality Code from the University of Toronto on Coursera. Or learn more about the Software Development Lifecycle from the University of Minnesota. You can also find courses boosting your knowledge of Agile methodologies, such as Introduction to Agile Development and Scrum from IBM or Google’s Agile Project Management. Careerist was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I lived in a low income bracket my entire life, but now Careerist has allowed me to finally have a stable income and a better life.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities of QA Engineers

Back then there weren’t many choices–pure Selenium, Java and TestNG, or JUnit. This increase in selection does not make our task easier, but rather, more complicated. To be honest, I am not trying to be an annoying consultant at the market, and I’m not going to insist on a particular functionality testing tool or programming language. My main goal is to help you decide where to start, what to learn, and how to make the transition from manual to automatic in the best way for you.

how to learn Manual QA Engineer

Becoming a QA engineer is more than testing software; it’s about understanding how these factors combine to decide what you earn. It’s like a puzzle where the pieces are your skills, the industry, the tech you work with, and the place you work. Apply for a competitively paid QA engineer position and secure a job offer with one of the leading software engineering companies in the world. The QA average salary depends on various factors, such as the years of experience of the software engineer.

QA Engineer

If you don’t understand the difference between a manual and an automation tester, take a look at this detailed tutorial with comparisons, advantages, and disadvantages. The job will continue to change, but the need for it is only going to grow alongside the industry. Before I came to Devmountain, the demand was outrunning the supply of QA engineers. I have seen the expectations change a lot more with QA than with other positions within the tech world as well. Every time a new issue arises, a unique, smart, and efficient approach will be required to solve it. This is what you will need to look for in a QA engineer — the ability to develop unique solutions to technically intricate issues and problems.

how to learn Manual QA Engineer

You definitely don’t need a technical background to get into QA Testing. You can have a successful career with a small amount of programming. Once you have the results, you can make comparisons between candidates and filter out those who don’t meet the requirements of your role. The technically intricate QA engineer role also involves solving complex technical problems. Yes, QA engineers will have to solve software testing challenges, but they will also have to manage issues. One process that’s vital in a QA engineer’s role is bug tracking.

You should choose a course or course designer that can apply to your own project, and try to turn around and apply your newfound knowledge to your existing project. Find a mentor within the development team, or company, or anywhere. Start with simple tools (like Selenium IDE and Catalon Recorder). Explore popular automation frameworks and testing frameworks. See ready-made solutions that already exist on GitHub and try to make ones that are similar.